Knowledge Base

Choosing the right Inspection

Results and reports of each inspection serve a specific purpose, therefore, must be selected and scheduled suitably - to get the maximum benefit. Hopefully, the information below will help along the way.

Air Quality Audit

  • Captures mould problems at an early stage
  • Recommended if health symptoms occur, when in RV
  • Highly recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Recommended at least once a year

Water Leakage Inspection

  • Can pin-point locations of hidden wetness
  • Can track path of elusive water leaks
  • Recommended as an annual inspection
  • Highly recommended when
    • planning intrusive RV repairs
    • musty odors are present
    • RV exposed to lengthy wet/rainy conditions
    • buying or selling the RV

Rot Assessment

  • RV Squad's most extensive inspection
  • Includes all features of Water Leak Inspection
  • Can indicate dry or wet rot. 
  • Highly recommended
    • before doing RV repairs
    • if water leaks are present
    • when buying or selling the RV
  • Highly recommended for RV's exposed to extensive wet/rainy conditions.