Rot Assessment

Wood rot is responsible for the early demise of many motorhomes, fifth wheels and travel trailers. Severe cases can eat away at the roof, sidewalls and flooring. Your RV doesn't have to be one of them.

Finding wood rot is critical before it spreads and destroys the RV structure.

About the Inspection

This is a very detailed inspection of the interior surfaces that uses a fine needle probe. In addition, an infrared scan is conducted of the exterior surfaces.

The inspection makes use of a full range of detectors and diagnostic tools, in addition to a probing device, to examine RV structure for:

  1. Dry Rot - This form of fungal decay is the more serious form that can spread and destroy the structure.
  2. Wet Rot - This form of fungal decay is more common and confined to damp areas.

Both, wet and dry rot, are caused by aggressive fungal decay. Wet rot occurs more frequently, but is less serious.

*Please be aware that a probing device is used for examining interior of the RV. More information about the device is available in the Questions & Answers section.