Mobile RV Inspections

We use Infrared imaging technology and advanced sensory devices to provide: 

  1. Infrared Water Leakage Inspections
  2. Rot Discovery and Mapping
  3. Propane Leak Detection
  4. Carbon Monoxide Analyses
  5. Relative Humidity & Mould Investigation
What we do
  • Locate invisible, sub-surface, rot-causing dampness in sidewalls, ceiling and under flooring.
  • Inspect for water intrusion in sidewalls, ceiling and floor, and locate source.
  • Probe for presence of rot in RV structure.
  • Examine levels of carbon monoxide emission.
  • Check propane system for leakages.
  • Inspect for presence of mould and identify mould-favourable conditions.
What we don't do
  • We don't buy, sell, repair or rent recreational vehicles. No conflict of interest!
  • We don't check RV or trailer chassis, engine, hitch etc.
  • We don't test and certify chassis, engine, or working and non-working RV components.


Inspector for Lower Mainland BC Region: Amrit Dhillon
Certified Thermographer. Certified Mould Inspector. Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
Member - International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants